OLX CO? Where?

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What is OLX CO? Any guesses? It is Colombia, is OLX popular in Colombia?This is what I have found.

How popular is OLX in Colombia?Map of Colombia

OLX in Colombia is quite significant. Their population is only 48 million which makes it the 3rd most populous country in Latin America. The average age is 27.6 years old. Located on the Northern tip of South America. It is ethnically diverse. From their native inhabitants, Spanish, Africans, Europeans and Middle Easterners. All of these cultures make up Colombia’s diverse heritage. It has the 4th largest economy in Latin America. It’s also known as the happiest country in the world! OLX is doing very well in the Colombia

I would like to share some numbers from OLX Colombia.

Over 47,000 Cellular phones and tablets for saleComputerBeach
4,000 phone accessories
194,000 homes for rent or sale
61,000 services for hire
13,000 job postings
13,000 animals for sale
And 110,000 cars and motorbike for sale.Coffee and donkey

These numbers are just a few of the listings I saw. Which considering their population is about half of the Philippines. I would say OLX Colombia is very popular and quite impressive!

Stay tuned as in the next few days, I will be examining other big OLX markets.

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