OLX Philippines, how big is OLX?

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So how big is OLX in Philippines? How popular is OLX in the Philippines? This is what I have found.

How big is OLX in Philippines?

OLX in Philippines is gaining popularity daily. Their population is 98 million which makes it the 1Philippines2 largest populated country in the world. The average age is 23.2 years old. It seems that OLX is doing fairly well in the Philippines. I have however stumbled across some news that have gotten some sellers in an uproar. It seems that in the last few months some things have changed in OLX Philippines. Like eBay OLX, it used to have a rating of their sellers. Positive, neutral or negative, which apparently has now been taken away.

Many people have complained about being scammed. They say it is due to the lack of seller ratings which make it difficult to verify. If the sellers are legitimate or not. I can understand their concerns. I feel that the rating is a great tool to verify a buyer. You are able to gather feedback and decide for yourself if you want to do business with this person.

I would like to share some impressive numbers from OLX Philippines.

Over 47,000 Cellular phones and tablets for saleComputer
9,000 phone accessories
45,000 homes for rent or sale
33,000 services for hire
2500 job postings
15,000 animals for sale
And 64,000 cars and motorbike for sale.

PI passportThese numbers are just a few of the listings I saw. Many people are still buying and selling using OLX Philippines. Just remember to ensure you do your research. Never give money up front! This should help you from being scammed.

Stay tuned as in the next few days, I will be examining other big OLX markets.

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OLX.com India, How big is OLX?

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So how big is OLX in India? I was curious so I went on to OLX.com India to find out. Here is what I found.

How big is OLX in India?Map of India

OLX in India is massive. I guess if you consider India’s population it not surprising. India’s current population is 1.28 billion. The only other country with more is, you guessed it China. The average age is 26.6 years old. All of this is part of the contributing factor of OLX’s success.

I wanted to share with you some of the awesome numbers that are from OLX India.

  • Over 35,000 Cellular phones and tablets for sale
  • 19,000 phone accessories
  • 100,000 homes for rent or sale
  • 3000 vacation rentals
  • 8000 job postings
  • 140,000 animals for sale
  • And a whooping 340,000 cars and motorbike for sale.

Think bigThese numbers are just a few of the listings I saw. I can only imagine how many people buy using OLX India. Stay tuned as in the next few days I will be examining other big OLX markets.

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Best Way to Sell a Used Car

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Today we are going to look at the best way to sell a used car! What are your options? Should I trade in my car? Should I advertise in the newspaper?Should I use OLX or Craigslist to sell my car?

What are my options to sell my car?Antique car

Let’s go through some of the options you have for selling your car.

  • Put a for sale sign on it and leave it on the street.
  • Place an ad in your neighborhood newspaper.
  • Sell or trade it in at the dealership.
  • put an ad in Craigslist or OLX.

Should I put a “For Sale” sign on it and leave it on the street?


  • It is free, except for the sign you have to purchase.
  • Doesn’t use your gas.


  • You are only going to be seen by people that pass by or stop.
  • You can only put minimal details
  • You have a chance of being ticketed by the police.

Should I place an ad in my neighborhood newspaper?


  • It will be seen by hundreds of people
  • Doesn’t use your gas.
  • Some neighborhoods will let you put in an ad for freeReading newspaper


  • Some neighborhood papers charge for an ad.
  • Not everyone looks on the classifieds.
  • limits yourself to just your neighborhood.

Should I sell or trade in my car to the dealership?


  • You don’t have to be bothered by people calling you with questions.
  • You will get a discount on your new car.
  • You don’t have to place an ad.


  • The dealership won’t give you cash back.
  • You won’t get as much as you think.
  • They will inflate the new car price to help compensate fortune trade in.

Should I use OLX or Craigslist to sell my car?


  • It is free to advertise your car.
  • You can get a better price then a dealership.
  • You have a larger audience then neighborhood papers or on the street.


  • People will be calling you directly.
  • You will have to negotiate your on sale.
  • You will have to meet people to show your car.
  • It maybe time consuming.

Here is what I think. I feel if time permits to use all the free venues available first. It doesn’t cost you anything except your time. Make sure you are realistic on the value of your car. Do research on the value of the car with sites like  ken.com. Don’t get rejected if it doesn’t sell right away. Look at other dealership ads to see what is eye catching.

Good luck in selling that car!

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OLX New York, Why?

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Today we are going to talk about OLX New York. Why? What does New York have to do with OLX? What’s new with OLX?

What does New York have to do with OLX?

Statue of libertyOLX was founded in 2006. based in New York with an office at 485 Fashion Ave. in midtown New York. OLX, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Myriad International Holdings B.V. and is privately held.  OLX New York has approximately 10 – 20 employees and has sales between 1 – 5 million.

What’s new with OLX?New

According to CEO Alec Oxenford, 2014 was the most successful year for OLX. They have expanded to 11 new countries across Southeast Asia and Europe. They have now surpassed 200 million active users. Posting over 262 Million listings. OLX hosted listings for 21 million jobs! 20 million homes for sale or rent! 30 million cars! 35 million mobile phones! OLX employes people in Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Delhi, Jakarta, Lagos, Lisbon, Manila, Nairobi, Poznań, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

So what are you waiting for? Get the OLX app and start selling!

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OLX Free Download, do I need it?

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Today I am going to talk about OLX Free Download. Should I get the app and why?  I have an android phone, is it still free? Is OLX easy to use?

Should I get the app and Why?Thinking girl

So here is my take on the OLX Free Download. I would get the app and try it out. It is free for now and who knows if they will charge in the future. Besides it being free, I like the app because everything is at your fingertips. If you are a seller it is super easy to track your items and you will get notified right away. If someone asks a question or has a comment you are able to easily access the responses.  I am always selling things online. This app makes it so easy! In the past it has been difficult to get back to people right away. With the OLX app I have easy access to respond right away no matter where I’m at.

FreeI have an Android phone, is it still free?

The funny thing is my friend just called me about the OLX app. He says to me, “hey I was wondering about the OLX app”? I started laughing as this is kind of an ongoing joke with us. You see I switched from Andriod to Apple about a year ago. I never really liked apple products before. That’s why he is always calling me a sellout! After a year now I love my IPhone. So the joke between us is whenever he asks me about an app I always say I’m not sure about the app but I am sure it’s free for IPhones lol. By the way it’s free for android too.😊

Is it easy to use?OLX app on iphone

Nowadays we are all in such a hurry and there never seems to be enough time in the day. Not to worry the OLX app is really easy to use. The home page has all the topics like Classes, Community, Real Estate, For Sale, Jobs, Services and Vehicles. Just click on the category you want and start browsing. From the home page you can also Post an Ad, see your messages or go to your settings. You can literally post a product for sale in less than a minute! I love this app it is so convenient and user friendly!

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OLX Real Estate, What’s it for?

Hello Everyone,

So what about OLX Real Estate? Should I list my rental with OLX? Should I used OLX to rent a home? Should I buy or sell my home on OLX? Why should I use OLX?

OLX Real Estate?Home living room

If you take a look, there are many listings for homes, rentals, sales, rooms for rent, house swapping, vacation rentals and even business rentals. There is really no limit to the possiblities. Because of the traffic OLX gets using this venue makes sense. I love the fact that you can look through the listings for what you want. No need to deal with a realtor who is steering you in a direction that makes him the most commission. It makes it easier to find exactly what you want.

Should I list my rental with OLX?

It really is a matter of opinion if you choose to do so or not. Like everything else you need to be careful of scams. Don’t get me wrong about realtors, they are a very good safety net as they are there for your protection. But do you really need them to list a rental property?  So to answer the question of should I list my rental with OLX? I say yes to listing, because of the traffic to OLX.com. OLX is free, why not!

Should I use OLX to rent my home?

The reason I would use OLX to find a rental is because the possiblities would be greater. I would use it to do my own homework as far as my wants and needs. If I were dealing directly with the owner I may be able to make a better deal. I speak from personal experience. Unless of course I don’t know the area and where good or bad locations are. Then I would definitely rely on a realtor. Just be aware that when you use a realtor who is representing a management company there could be additional costs added to the rent.

Should I buy or sell my home on OLX?Home

I don’t suggest doing this because of the legal aspects to buying and selling a home. I would definitely use a realtor so you’re protected. Take it from me, I sold my business without a lawyer’s help and boy did it cost me! This was the single worst decision I’ve made in my entire life. Live and learn from me don’t make the same kind of mistake.

RealtorWhy should I use OLX?

I think using OLX is a great idea if you are moving to a different state or country. Just go on OLX.com for the state or country of your choice and look for homes, provided you know the good and bad areas. I wish I had known about OLX when I moved to another country. It would have been great as we knew what area we wanted to move to. My father always taught me that if you use the right tools for the right job it will make the job easy. OLX is a great tool for many things, that’s why I use it.

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OLX Cars for sale, is it Trustworthy?

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OLX cars for sale? Is this a good way to buy or sell a car? Is it trustworthy? These are all great questions, so let’s get right to it.

OLX Cars for sale

There are hundreds of people selling there cars on OLX. Even car dealerships are selling used cars. Why would the dealership sell on OLX? Because it is free and a great way to target a large market.

Is this a good way to buy or sell a car?Cars

I think this is a fantastic way to sell your car. It has the potentially to be seen by thousands of prospective buyers. 20 photos per listing are allowed. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. Remember, the more the buyers can see the better chances of your car selling. I suggest taking a picture of your odometer as well as the vehicle identification number or VIN number. This shows more credibility.

Is it Trustworthy?

Like everything else there are a lot of people trying to scam others. Beware of people asking for money upfront or wanting to come to your home. I feel that if you are selling or buying a car it is safer to meet at a neutral location. You might consider the parking lot of your local police station. Always remember if the deal is to good to be true it probably is.

Trust your instincts!TrustPlease leave me a comment or question below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.



Founders of OLX

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So who are the founders and brains behind OLX?

OLX was co-founded by Alec Oxenford and Fabrice Grinda in 2006. They have 1200 employees and operate in 40 countries. They have an active user base of 200 million and growing. Their biggest marketplace is OLX India, OLX Poland and OLX Brazil with 11 billion page views , 25 million listings and 8.5 million transactions per month.Raising graph

The article written in Fortune.com on October 29, 2014 “Meet OLX, the biggest web company you’ve never heard of”, in the article they say that Alec Oxenford is a CEO rock star in South America. Fabrice Grinda is not really mentioned because he left OLX in 2010 to pursue other endeavors. I Do know that these 2 gentleman are great businessmen and I have nothing but admiration for both of them. Their idea to launch a mobile friendly business in India is nothing short of brilliant. The shear population and lack of competition offered a gold mine.

Although Mr. Oxenford claims not to want to compete in the U.S. I believe it will be the next big free classified business here in the states. Craigslist does have the largest market share currently. It is obvious that they have saturated the market and competition is necessary. As for Fabrice Grinda, stay tuned as I am sure there will be another huge idea coming from him in the very near future.World map

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Post free classifieds

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How much does it cost to post a classified ad? Too much! Did you know you can post free classified ads on OLX? That’s right absolutely free!

FreeNot only is it free it’s really easy to do. Just click on the button “post an ad”. Follow the simple steps and your ad is up and running. Maximize your exposure by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sell anything from your car to golf clubs, or advertise your upcoming event or garage sale.

Oh by the way did I mention that it is absolutely FREE!

What are you waiting for? Sell that bowling ball that you haven’t used in 3 years. The bike that’s taking up space in your garage. The phone you have because you just upgraded. There is no limit to all that extra money laying around, now go sell it!

if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I will answer them as fast as I can.