OLX Car for Sale

OLX Cars for Sale

I have been noticing lately that there are a lot of phony deals. So here is an example. Just posted today a 1979 Lincoln Continental for $3000, okay maybe until you read more, only 4869 miles original miles!! Rare car in mint condition. Paint is blemish free. These are what I mean when I say to be careful of a scam. This has scam written all over it. I really like to feature cars here that are sold by individuals not a classic car company.

Nothing exciting on the car post today, I just wanted to make sure all of you are careful when purchasing a car off of OLX, Craigslist and Sayist. Just remember that a deal to good to be true it is 99% of time a scam.



OLX Car Sales

OLX Car Sales

OLX Car for Sale is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to sell your car. Here are a few pointers to help you. Make sure you add pictures of every angle, inside and out. In fact, you can place up to 20 photos of your car. This will ensure the buyer sees the full car. List and picture if possible all the damages or dents. Simple things like replacing your dirty car mats can help as value to your car.


If you have done regular maintenance of your vehicle, make sure you say it in the ad. Don’t assume that the car will sell on the pictures alone. Write a brief summary of the car, how many owners, if you have receipts for the maintenance, if you changed the tires and how many miles are on them. Be detailed. Fraud

From the buyers side remember if it is too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you do your research. See what the value is, you can get an estimate from Kelly Blue Book here. If it says the value is $10,000 and the seller is selling it for $4,000 something is wrong. Meet at a public place or police station parking lot. Check the car well. Make sure it is what is pictured, mileage is correct. It runs well. I would suggest being there before the seller arrives so you can watch for the car coming. See if it is shaking or making funny noises. If your instinct tells you not to buy it, don’t do it!

If you any comment or questions please feel free to leave them and I will respond as soon as possible.

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